arr3 How to wear it




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Cristalbra zerodolore wraps around your body, the side and back strings can be adjusted and the front string ties in the front with a bow.







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The front string ties in a bow.






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Pull the straps that run from the back.






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Bring the straps in front your chest and cross them to form an “x” across the center of your breasts, positioning them above the lower part of the bra that supports the cups






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Bring them around to your back and cross them again in the shape of an “x”.







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The two elastic bands now go under the armpits and rest horizontally above the breasts and over the circular part of the upper cup.






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The ends of the elastic bands go through the buckle which is positioned at the center. It is tightened to provide the amount of pressure recommended by your doctor.







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Based on the patient’s needs and in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations, the elastic band with the buckle can be moved below the breast when no upper compression is needed, for example at night