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arr3 The Patent

Cristalbra zerodolore is the first post-op bra designed for women undergoing

breast surgery for either tumor removal or plastic surgery.

Thanks to Cristalbra’s unique characteristics and following strict

controls, the bra was given a patent in both Italy and the US.

To achieve these important recognitions, Cristalbra had to prove

that it was superior to other similar existing bras, having innovative

and original technical characteristics.

Cristalbra’s US Patent registration number is 7.850.508.B2.

The patent was issued by the United States of America Patent

and Trademark Office and is valid in the United States,

as well as globally 




The italian patent

The Italian State issued a patent

registered under number 139979 on May 6, 2009 through

a special office of the Ministry of Economic Development

in charge of issuing patents: the Department of Business

and Internationalization – General Anti-Counterfeiting Office-

Italian Patent and Trademark Office.