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  • The first real post op
  • It adapts to every
    breast and chest shape
  • Rapid absorption
    of swelling and bruising
  • it ensures comfort
    and safety in movement
  • It is hypoallergenic
    and enhances femininity

The postoperative bra that, thanks to its special patented structure, is adjustable to fit any torso size, both big and small.

Cristalbra "zerodolore" is the first patented post-operative bra designed to help women recovering from breast surgery following the removal of a tumor or plastic surgery.
Because of the bra’s unique features, after strict controls, the bra was given patents in both Italy and the United States. To receive these important recognitions, Cristalbra had to prove that it was superior to other similar existing bras, and that its characteristics were totally innovative and original.



A special support and tie system was studied around the elastic cups, allowing them to adapt to any and every type of torso, making this bra comfortable and customizable.
The material used is specially designed to facilitate transpiration, letting the skin breathe, and containing the underarms letting the breasts settle.


Cristalbra is the first bra-bustier-bandage designed by a breast surgery patient.

Carla Pitarelli, as a patient, experienced all the discomforts of her own case. She was not able to find a suitable post-op bra that was both comfortable and at the same time eliminated post-op problems. Her surgeon suggested that she start researching a product that could be worn immediately after surgery, straight out of the operating room, that would replace the traditional and uncomfortable bandage system, consisting of different bands used to hold everything together.
The innovative and unique bra she designed serves the same purpose. It is able to compress the breasts and the entire muscular area around the torso and underarms. Cristalbra accompanies the patient from start to finish, from treatment to recovery, helping absorb swelling, bruising and helping keep surgical wounds closed, as well as containing reshaping, thanks to its soft, breathable and compact bands.

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about the designer 


What are the advantages it brings?

These are the advantages found in the experience of the patient who underwent four operations.

1) IT IS HYPOALLERGIC . Eliminates redness, irritation, itching due to glue or non-breathable tissues, helps the absorption of edema, avoiding the risk of injuries and allergic reactions, infections, sores and muscle tears due to the mobility of the breast.
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2) IT IS SELF-REGULATING.It supports the breast both vertically and horizontally through the elastic and supportive cup + 4 quadrants regulated by strings designed to self-regulate following its own anatomical shape of the chest. It is modeled around the chest day after day according to the swelling. Ensures faster absorption of swelling and bruising due to surgical manipulation.
3) QUICKLY REDUCES SWELLING AND BRUISING FROM SURGERY. It ensures the mobility of the chest and arms, allows you to sleep on one side wearing your clothes in complete safety. By protecting the thoracic tissues and udders, Cristalbra allows you to resume normal small daily activities avoiding weeks of immobility.
4) CORRECT SPINE POSTURE . Elastic crisscross behind the x-shaped corset to allow the back to stay straight and not take curved positions e.g. scyphosis, to compensate for pain from the sutures that can pull. Avoids serious postural consequences (thanks to its engineering system that balances and distributes the weight of the breast around the body).
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5) PERFECT BREAST REMODELING . The breasts are protected by the breathable elastic cup and further defined in shape with the x-shaped elastic that shapes them horizontally and vertically and blocks any prosthesis.
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6) SAFETY AND PROTECTION FROM POSSIBLE SMALL IMPACTS. It can be defined as a protective sheath that does not move anything on the operated parts, which is very important especially for mothers returning home.

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7) FACILITATES PSYCHOLOGICAL RECOVERY . Because it enhances femininity, for which the woman must feel beautiful and at ease on every occasion, therefore lace was included in addition to the elastic bands.
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Prof.Dr. Angela Faga

Interview gegeben von Prof. Dr. Angela FAGA

Prof. oncologist researcher M. Bizzarri

Professor Bizzarri saw day by day how much the intuitions of those who designed ...

Plastic surgeon Valerio Pagliuca

He is a member of the Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.


Prof. Vincenzo Abbonante

Direttore UOSD Chirurgia Senologica


Video dell'intervista prodotto dalla LILT all'ideatrice di Cristalbra




How it's made: discover Cristalbra's engineering

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The bra Thanks to its special patented structure, the bra is adjustable to fit any torso size, both big and small.
This is why you only choose your cup size when fitting for the bra. You can choose from seven cup sizes:


The bustier is made up of four quadrants, held together by strings.
Lengthwise, there is the right amount of space between each quadrant, ranging from 1 cm to 10 cm or more. The bra’scircumference is therefore adjustable by as much as 40 cm, adapting to bustier chests without losing its effectiveness.


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The bandage is made up of soft, comfortable elastic bands that wrap around the torsoand the breasts.Once the bra is fitted to the patient, the cups can also be adjusted to fit each breast. Thanks to
lower and upper support (the latter made up of circular elastic pistons) the bra easily adjusts to fit all different sizes, and, at the same time,maintains constant light compression.
The design of the cups allows the fabric to expand and adapt to the breast according to the length and depth. This innovation allows for a perfect hold around the torso and the chest,allowing the skin to breathe and, most
importantly, allowing you to move without interfering with the swollen areas that have been operated on.
The front strings close around the center of the breasts to form a bow.
The bra can be easily opened for check-ups, washing and medication.


Technical features


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Cristalbra Sport

Cristalbra Sport

bannerrightThe patented Cristalbra bra is recommended for resuming normal daily and sports activities after surgery. Cristalbra has a particular engineering structure designed to ensure comfort and safety in movement without burdening the spine.
It supports the breast and compresses it delicately, ensuring stability and preventing stress from interfering with the correct healing process.