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arr3 Oncologist professor Mariano Bizzarri


Dr. Mariano Bizzarri’s Curriculum Vitae

Mariano Bizzarri was born on October 12, 1957. In 1975 he earned a BA with honors in Biochemistry in Paris. He enrolled in the Faculty of MedicineProfBizzarrismall-tSa-169X237.jpg and Surgery at the University of Rome La Sapienza, where he graduated with the highest grades and with honors in 1981, writing a thesis on "Serum levels of Ribonuclease in patients with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas".

After enrolling in Oncology as his specialization, he did a PhD in "Experimental Chemotherapy and Surgery" in 2000. Since 2001 he has also been a researcher. He is currently a professor of Clinical Pathology at the 2nd School of Specialization in Oncology at the University La Sapienza. He is also a professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Propaedeutics at the same university for the BA program in Radiological Technology. Furthermore he teaches at the master’s degree program in "Gastronomic Sciences and Disorders Food" sponsored by the University La Sapienza.

He teaches "Neuro-psychoimmunology and Cancer" at the School of Specialization in Psychology organized by the School of Comparative Psychotherapy of Florence. In cooperation with Prof. Filippo Conti, he helped form the Italian school of metabolomics analysis, paying special attention to the study of cellular regulation of apoptosis and cell cycle. He created and founded the Carlo Ferri foundation for the Study and Treatment of Cancer (Monterotondo), where he served as Secretary until May 1989.

He has dedicated his professional career to scientific research in oncology, specifically studying problems related to chemical carcinogenesis, the relationship between nutrition and cancer and interrelationships Tumor-Host (relationship between Mind-Cancer-Cancer Immunity). From a clinical point of view, has focused his research on diagnostics, clinical diagnosis and treatment of urological tumors.

In association with other Italian and international centers, he is currently working on a proposal for a new carcinogenic theory, primarily focused on cancer as a tissue disease, governed by non-linear dynamics and complex systems (Systems Biology Studies). Over a decade of research led him to the discovery of new anti-cancer compounds, extracted from the stem cells of fish and plants, developing two new patents. His research has allowed us to achieve significant advances in the treatment of tumors of the liver, pancreas, colon and breast cancer. He is a member of the scientific committee for the Journal of Anthropology and Philosophy and the International Journal of Tumor Marker Oncology. He is chairman of the scientific committee for the journal Space Magazine. He has participated in more than 70 national and international scientific conferences, both lecturing and presenting papers. He is the author of 95 publications, including 61 in English. He is the author of several books, some of which have been translated abroad, related to scientific or popular topics, as well as numerous scientific and philosophical essays.


Scientific books

  • Il Tramonto del Tumore, in coll. con A. Laganà, prefazione di U. Veronesi, Ed. Errebian, Roma 1991.
  • Melatonina: Biochimica e fisiopatologia, in coll. con A. Laganà, Ed. Universitarie, Roma, 1996.
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  • Le infezioni micotiche nel paziente oncologico, 1998, UTET, Milano.
  • La Mente e il Cancro, Ed. Frontiera, Milano 1999.
  • Epidemiologia e multiculturalismo in: Medicina e Multiculturalismo, a cura di S. Maffettone, Apeiron, Bologna, 2000.
  • Neoplasie e Prevenzione, in: Bioetica e cultura della Prevenzione, a cura di G. Tarro, Apeiron, Bologna, 2001.
  • Quel Gene di Troppo, Ed. Frontiera, Milano, 2001. (ed. in lingua spagnola: El Imperio de los Genes, Ed. Seristar (Cuba – America Latina), 2007)
  • Le Biotecnologie agrarie ad un bivio, con A. Laganà, in: Organismi Geneticamente Modificati, Atti del Convegno “OGM: il Tempo delle Scelte”, Ed. Bizzarri M. Laganà A. and Vieri S., Commedia, Roma, 2003.
  • Il Pellicano: dall’alchimia alla chimica, Ed. Universitarie, Roma, 2004. Prefazione di G. D’Ascenzo e A. Laganà.
  • Sistemi operativi e Stati Mentali: l’attivatore del “guaritore interno” come espressione funzionale di stati. In: Cancro: tra mente e corpo, a cura di D. Marafante, Ed. Riza, Milano, 2004, 85-118.
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  • Quel Gene di Troppo. L’incognita OGM e il rischio sostenibile. Editori Riuniti, 2008, Roma.

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