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arr3The director of UOSD Breast Surgery

Dr Sergio Abonante. Cosenza hospital company
Director Dr. Pasquale Pirillo
Responsible: Dr. Sergio Abonante
via F.Migliori 87100 Cosenza 0984681292

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Breast cancer affects one in eight women in Italy, with 40,000 new cases registered each
year, representing the most frequent cancer in females and the leading cause of mortality for
cancer for women; whereas:
the increase in the frequency of breast cancer mainly comes from a drastic change
of the living conditions of women with respect to their biological and physiological characteristics,
change linked largely to the lower number of pregnancies as well as to a shorter duration
the incidence of this tumor has seen an increase in recent years, accompanied however by a
decreased mortality, thanks to early diagnosis and the use of better integrated therapies;
parallel objectives are therefore to raise awareness of the problem among the female population
(and not only) and the reduction of inequalities in diagnosis and treatment at a territorial level, with
particular regarding the early diagnosis of breast cancer and the identification of the therapeutic path
improve; considering that:
the complexity of the disease of breast cancer and its spread have meant that, in
recent years, awareness has emerged of the need for a decisive stance in favour
of multidisciplinary treatment; the treatment of this type of tumor must be based on a
increasingly multidisciplinary approach, in which surgery, radiotherapy and above all rehabilitation therapies
immediate results are integrated;
it is widely demonstrated that treating breast cancer in multidisciplinary centers increases the
chance of survival;
today we have a valid tool available post-operatively to help operations
immediately following post-operative rehabilitation.

Cristalba is an innovative bra capable of avoiding discomfort and problems that occur after a
breast surgery. It allows you to adapt its elastic cup to every breast shape
allowing variable extension and volume but always with the necessary compression. The particular
Hypoallergenic fabric design allows it to stretch and adjust according to width and depth
of the breast and chest in order to avoid the formation of wrinkles. The bustier consists of four
quadrants joined by strings, front bandages that wrap the breasts and chest, closing in the center
facilitating visits and medications. We manage to avoid the use of bandages and plasters by limiting them
redness and irritation resulting in rapid absorption of bruises and liquids. It leans around
to the bust and can be adjusted using the side and back strings, the hypoallergenic material guarantees
breathability and comfort, essential post-operation. In conclusion, The bra allows a
easier post-operative progress compared to a normal post-operative bra.

Cosenza 26 February 2014 The director of the UOSD Breast Surgery
Dr Sergio Abonante