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arr3Celebrity endorsement

Lucia, Rome.

My experience with Cristalbra has been positive.
The bandage allowed me to move quite well right from the start
days without feeling severe pain.
I wore it for a whole month during the day and at night, always very tight
and I didn't report any redness.
In a few days I managed to sleep on my side albeit with some discomfort,
but still managing to move around quite well feeling protected.
A sensation that Cristalbra gave me right away, that of feeling safe
with respect to possible and unpredictable collisions with the environment or with people to whom
Unfortunately, even with maximum attention, you can encounter it.
I therefore recommend everyone to use it.

Maura from Cagliari

We asked you some questions… about Cristalbra-zerodolore

“Why did you buy it, what were you looking for and driven by what reason?”

How did you find positioning it?

What benefits did you experience?

“I am happy to answer your questions... I am struck by your reference to light like that which a woman perceives at the end of a "dark passage"

“… for what reason…. Five years after a mastectomy following cancer and subsequent reconstruction, I found myself having to replace the prosthesis on my left breast because it looked very strange, reduced... displaced... I couldn't understand it. So in January of this year we proceeded to replace it and it was seen that the old prosthesis had actually fallen inside out... At the time of the first reconstruction, I didn't have a specific post-operative bra, simply after the bandages done in hospital I had put on a sports bra to resume my work at the theater as soon as possible, a job in which I do a lot of movement, and flamenco is another passion and discipline for which constant study is so important.

After cancer, it is important to return to "normality" of life and work, not only is it obvious but it is actually the minimum necessary because it is almost not enough... because if you are not normal you want to at least be special and then the objectives and emergencies multiply and as in my case we work even more... but unfortunately the breast had not been protected as I should have...

therefore in this last operation done to replace the prosthesis and seek a better result from an aesthetic point of view I understood that I should have worked hard and been more careful.”

“… what was I looking for then… I had been discharged with the specific request to keep the bandage on as much as possible and then switch to a "sports" bra… but I was a little afraid of switching to a normal or sports bra..

I needed to somehow recreate the post-surgical bandage to maintain the right pressure on the operated breast until it was well positioned. In fact, the movement can occur more easily when the inside has not yet healed well, and the settling can last months.. the need was for this bra to exert downward pressure and containment towards the inside..

the surgeon himself had told me that even the shape of the bra, for example the elastic at the base..., could and should help determine a good result. So for five days I kept the bandages made in the hospital with plasters (and a gauze "bear" that was hanging with all its weight) and then I started looking on the internet to get an idea, .. when I saw I immediately fell in love with Cristalbra and I thought that not only would it be perfect but also very, very beautiful, even though I thought it would be difficult to get it again (I hadn't read well yet and I thought it was American)...but I needed it immediately so I looked also in the pharmacies and when I found myself in the pharmacy they also opened the internet and showed me the band that they could bring me in the evening... (useful for emergencies but also shapeless) obviously on the internet we also saw other things and also the Cristalbra but they didn't take it into consideration...

When I got home I immediately got on the computer and discovered that having it was possible!!

there is nothing that makes me stubborn and motivates me more towards something than when others want to deny it, when they have unfounded prejudices, when someone necessarily wants to conform or follow shared ideas because they are safer and it becomes ordinary..

I wonder why a person who becomes ill must necessarily come to terms with prejudices, why he must make it clear that he is ill, that he is different, through the bad things that exist to cure this or that discomfort that one finds himself facing. .

We need "colored" prosthetics! Painted Busts!! as Frida teaches.. and Corsets of Light and beautiful and sensual bras even and indeed above all when illness penalizes you precisely in this sense...

reconstruction also passes through this aspect: feeling beautiful, indeed special!

I found this bra brilliant, I complimented it and I still compliment Carla's courage, and when I bought it I absolutely didn't know that the person who invented it had been operated on several times for breast cancer..”

“…why did I buy it?…. I bought it for how it was structured, and also because I understood that there was almost no risk of getting the wrong size due to how it was conceived.

Because it not only reconstructed the post-operative bandage but also gave shape and support to the breast and for the crossing between the two breasts: all well thought out to facilitate the recovery of symmetry;

for the beauty of the materials, in fact who says that lace can't be used?

because I knew that I would have liked it and wanted to use it later when I started working in theater and dance again to feel protected and at ease."

“… how did you feel about positioning it?… When it arrived (very quickly) I was very pleased to notice how carefully it was packaged and packaged… it was like receiving a gift with a cuddle…

I didn't have any difficulty putting it on also because it was practically ready, you just had to tie the laces on the front and then move on to the intersections of the elastic bands, very easy.

No worries even about the slats (which I imagine scares someone who associates them with headbands even if they don't have much to do with it), given that they are so well protected that they cannot be felt and indeed, positioned, in my opinion in points where they are useful for hold the structure and contain better.

“… what benefits have you found?… the breast feels very protected without being forced, it leaves extreme freedom of movement to the rest of the body without this movement reaching, so to speak, the parts to be protected..

I didn't need to use other patches, so even the blisters that formed due to the patches no longer formed.

Even when sleeping, the fact that the bands cross between the breasts makes me feel safer, because in the early stages even sleeping on my side can be a problem.

Other benefits were of an emotional nature because sensuality is not compromised but on the contrary

Exalted......to the wise connoisseur!!!

Thanks Carla!

I repeat Brilliant